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Bundoon was registered with Dogs NSW in 1994.    Back then I was as equally involved in obedience as I was the conformation show ring and my chosen breed was the Australian Kelpie.

Fast forward and after marrying into a ready made family & having had a break from the dog world I felt I now didn’t have the time that I believe working dogs deserve and so when my last old Kelpie passed on Steve and I went looking for a different breed to join our family.

Into our lives came Gemma, a Gordon Setter.     Gemma was successful in the ring as a young bitch, but developed hair follicle tumors which while harmless did end her show career very early.    (She now just enjoys ruling all the furkids at Bundoon.)

However I was bitten by the show bug again and after meeting up with some old Kelpie exhibitor friends who’s son had a pet Whippet my interest was piqued and I started researching whippets.

Steve wasn’t totally sold on the idea of a Whippet but I got my way eventually & even he’ll admit it wasn’t long before he was taken in; Kelsey, Calahorra Spot Check won everyones heart - friendly, outgoing, smart and cheeky, we were Whippet converts.

Every one warned us ‘Whippets are like potato chips, you won’t be able to stop at one’ - never a truer word was spoken, with more Whippets joining the family.

It's here I must say a big thank you to the owners of Isilwane Wicked Whippets, Calahorra Kennels and Calivale for making my return to the show ring so successful and enjoyable.

The dogs are not kennelled during the day & have free access to over an acre of fenced yard that surrounds the house.    

We also have an open door policy when someone is home where they can come and go with baby gates erected which restricts the dogs to the tiled kitchen and family room during the day.     Of an evening they are allowed in the lounge room where they love to curl up on a lap or lay by the open fire in winter.

When we go to bed the dogs are put away in their dog run where they have warm kennels with plenty of soft bedding.     This prevents them from chasing rabbits or the visiting native wildlife all night.

Over the years I’ve been a member of several obedience & breed clubs and am currently a volunteer instructor at Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club.     A member of Dogs NSW, The Gordon Setter Club of NSW and the Whippet Club of NSW.

I have completed my Certificate III in Dog Behaviour & Training thru The National Dog Trainers Federation of which Kelsey played a significant part in my practical exams.     I’ve also worked in Boarding and Training Kennels & now offer training lessons at our Galston property.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and the photos of our furkids hanging out at home, it’s a work in progress.

Kaz (& Steve, the two legged kids and all the furkids.)


Kaz and the Gang
Steve Gemma and Jodie