firegazing whippets


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Raising our puppies......

Litters are planned 18 months to 2 years apart.     Puppies will be advertised here and on Dogzonline only.

We are a small kennel and only breed a litter when we desire to add to our own fur family with the intent of finding our next potential Australian champion.

We understand that showing dogs is not for everyone but as registered breeders we think it is important that our dogs be competitive in the show ring before considering breeding; and they have been with recent wins including Tilly winning Best In Show at November 2010's Whippet Show and Mickey taking Reserve Challenge Dog at April 2011's Whippet Show.

Puppies are born and raised in the home.     This accustoms them to all the sights and sounds of daily life.

At about 4 weeks of age when they are on “solid” food and mum is looking to spend some time away from them they begin to spend their days out in the puppy yard.     There they can interact with the other dogs thru the mesh fencing, explore, play & experience the outside world.

Each afternoon they are brought back inside the house to their playpen in the lounge room; here they continue their interaction with everyone, the other dogs, visitors etc.


By the time they go to their new homes they have had their first vaccination; been microchipped; wormed at fortnightly intervals; have been for a couple of car rides and are interacting directly with the older dogs including our large Gordon Setter and very large Borzoi.

Each Bundoon Whippet owner is issued with a comprehensive puppy package with a background on the parents, photos, feeding programme, crate training, toilet training tips etc.     We are happy to answer any questions & will make suggestions so as to assure you are fully prepared for the arrival of your new puppy.


Puppy owner criteria........

Not every puppy in a litter is a show prospect and those that aren’t are sold on the limited register (not for breeding or showing purposes).     They will fill the very important roll of beloved family pet.     We do not take lightly our obligation to our puppies in finding them a home where they will be loved and cared for their entire lives.


Our puppies are only available to homes where, as a minimum, you have researched the breed, specifically their sight hound nature, and.......

  • will provide a permanent, stable, loving home.

  • you will never hit your Whippet, (sight hounds do not respond to harsh old fashioned training/discipline methods).

  • will give regular vaccinations, worming, heartworm, flea & tick protection.

  • will seek quality vet care whenever necessary and can afford these services.

  • will de-sex your companion pet (9-10 months old is the perfect age so please plan ahead).

  • provide appropriate shelter & warm bedding outside & inside (Whippets have low body fat & need soft warm bedding and a kennel for when they are outside).

  • keep the dog active & happy allowing it in your home (at least a few hours each day while you are home). Whippets are not a dog to be left alone for hours in a backyard, in fact no dog is happy with that arrangement.

  • have a fully fenced & SAFE yard (please check for any gaps, cracks, holes, drains etc that a young puppy could squeeze thru, fall in or get trapped behind)

  • keep in touch (at least once a year) to let me know how your dog is doing.

  • contact us should you need help, no matter why or when, we are happy to help, especially with the important settling in phase.

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